Please contact a manager in your area to schedule a fundraiser

Uncle Dad’s Pizza Fundraiser

Thank you for reaching out regarding our pizza fundraisers. We work with a lot of great organizations and would be happy to assist you.  Our fundraisers are easy and straight forward. Our pizzas are assorted into freshly made bundles. The customer price is the same as what they would pay at one of our farmers markets.

Pizzas are sold in 4 for $35 packs
Your organization will earn a fantastic commission – contact us for details

There are five pizza bundles to choose from:
Please Note: Some fundraising forms may be different. Please check with your manager to confirm the proper form is being used for your fundraiser.

Bundle A:  Canadian, Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, Deluxe
Bundle B:  BBQ Chicken, Sweet Wing-a-licious, Sweet & Spicy Thai, Spicy BBQ Chicken

Bundle C:  Summer Blend, Greek, Bruschetta, Spinach with Feta
Bundle D:   Cheese, Cheesy Bacon, Pepperoni, Pepperoni & Bacon
Bundle E:   Dill Pickle, Big Daddy Mac, Creamy Buffalo Chicken (spicy), Chicken Bacon Ranch

* We have Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust pizzas and KETO pizzas also available. Prices are higher for these options. Please consult your manager.

How It Works:
Step One: fundraising forms are given out to participants to collect orders.
Step Two:  fundraising forms are collected by organizer and given to Uncle Dad’s Manager
Step Three: pizzas are delivered, freshly made, packaged and labelled accordingly one week later.
*please contact a manager in your area to book an available date.

Profit Breakdown:
100 bundles = $800 profit
150 bundles = $1,200 profit
200 bundles = $1,600 profit

We have been fortunate to work with so many great partners;
:: Schools
:: Churches
:: Community Groups
:: Non-Profit Organizations
:: Sports Teams