Please contact a manager in your area to schedule a fundraiser

Uncle Dad’s Pizza Fundraiser


Thank you for reaching out regarding our pizza fundraisers. We work with a lot of great organizations and would be happy to assist you.  Our fundraisers are easy and straight forward. Our pizzas are assorted into freshly made bundles. The customer price is the same as what they would pay at one of our farmers markets.

Your organization will earn a fantastic commission – contact us for details

Please Note: Some fundraising forms may be different. Please check with your manager to confirm the proper form is being used for your fundraiser.

Pizzas are delivered, freshly made, packaged and labelled accordingly after order is placed. Please provide a minimum of one week to prepare the fundraiser order

Please Note: Some fundraisers will require a minimum order OR may require a delivery charge, depending on the distance. Please speak with a manager in your area.

We have been fortunate to work with many great partners;
:: Schools
:: Churches
:: Community Groups
:: Non-Profit Organizations
:: Sports, Dance and Skating Clubs