Over 50 years ago, a young Mathew Rawson would sit with his mother and watch her make home-made meat pies. His mother would make pies with good wholesome ingredients and no artificial product.

Mathew would place his mothers pies into a little red wagon and sell them door-to-door for twenty five cents each.

Today Mathew, and his wife Sharon, take the same approach to making their meat pies and it shows with repeat customers who return each week.

They also take the same care when making their thin crust pizza’s. They make their pizza taste like a pizza, not like a big ball of dough!

After opening their flagship store at London’s Western Fair Farmers’ Market over 20 years ago, they have expanded their locations into a variety of different market locations across Southwestern, Ontario.

“This is a family run business. We employee our children who are now all grown up with families of their own, along with friends who we trust. The success of this business has to do with their dedication as a team. They are all honest and hard working and if it were not for them, we could not be where we are today.” says Sharon

Mathew could not agree more. “We love this business, we love our customer, and we have no plans of slowing down.” he says with a smile.