Please contact a manager in your area to schedule a fundraiser

Uncle Dad’s Pizza Fundraiser
Pizzas are sold in 4 for $35 packs
Your organization will earn a fantastic commission – contact us for details

There are five pizza bundles to choose from:
Please Note: Some fundraising forms may be different. Please check with your manager to confirm the proper form is being used for your fundraiser.

Bundle One:  Canadian, Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, Deluxe
Bundle Two:  BBQ Chicken, Sweet Wing-a-licious, Sweet & Spicy Thai, Spicy BBQ Chicken

Bundle Three:  Summer Blend, Greek, Bruschetta, Spinach with Feta
Bundle Four:   Cheese, Cheesy Bacon, Pepperoni, Pepperoni & Bacon
Bundle Five:   Dill Pickle, Big Daddy Mac, Creamy Buffalo Chicken (spicy), Chicken Bacon Ranch

* We have Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust pizzas and KETO pizzas also available. Prices are higher for these options. Please consult your manager.

How It Works:
Step One: fundraising forms are given out to participants to collect orders.
Step Two:  fundraising forms are collected by organizer and given to Uncle Dad’s Manager
Step Three: pizzas are delivered, freshly made, packaged and labelled accordingly one week later.
*please contact a manager in your area to book an available date.

Profit Breakdown:
100 orders = $900 profit
150 orders = $1,350 profit
200 orders = $1,800 profit

We have been fortunate to work with so many great partners;
:: Schools
:: Churches
:: Community Groups
:: Non-Profit Organizations
:: Sports Teams